What is an industrial oven?

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An industrial oven is a device used to create high temperatures to heat treat parts, condition metals, and cure metal coatings. The two main types of industrial ovens are continuous and batch. As the name batch implies, batch industrial ovens treat large numbers of parts at the same time. Continuous industrial ovens are normally a part of mass production and may include heating and cooling functions.

The operating for industrial ovens depend on how they are used. Gas, electricity, steam, hot water, microwaves, or fuel oil batch or conveyor loaded industrial ovens.

Product loading and airflow patterns are critical to the success of an industrial oven. The six forms of airflow vary according to the type of product and how they are loaded. Heat is distributed by forced convection, which can be seen in the diagram below.

Forced Convection Oven


The three types of industrial ovens are unique in their construction, product handling, and flexibility. They are:

  • Laboratory ovens

    Laboratory ovens used to test samples during product development or complete light duty production of small parts.

  • Industrial batch ovens

    Industrial batch ovens process large quantities of products and come in sizes ranging from a few cubic meters to several cubic feet.

  • Conveyor ovens

    Conveyor ovens are used in automated production and designed to fit into a specific manufacturing process.

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